Question and Answer: Adblade History

  1. When was Adblade founded?
    Adblade launched in January of 2008, founded by Ash Nashed, CEO
  2. What is Adblade?
    Adblade is an Ad Network. Publishers on one side, Advertisers on the other side and the Adblade Secret Sauce in the middle. We offer customized campaigns with proprietary targeting methodology, producing extraordinarily high ROI for Advertisers and industry leading Revenue Source for publishers.
  3. What makes Adblade different than other ad networks?
    Adblade specializes in Unique Ad Units, Large Reach and Premium Only Distribution. Adblade reaches over 130 million monthly unique users in the US on 95% of all major US based News Websites. There are many ad networks out there, but most are filled with a huge % of long tail non premium traffic. Adblade is dedicated to premium inventory and has been audited by Ad Safe Media, ranking Adblade as one of the top Brand Safe Ad Networks.
  4. What types of Advertising opportunities are available through Adblade?
    Adblade offers: Newsbullets, Standard IAB, Mobile, Article Marketing and AdCast. Newsbullets are an Adblade copyrighted ad format that consists of Image, Title and Description. They are a combination of Text and Display Advertising. Standard IAB (display) is widely available today from many sources. However when bought through Adblade, advertisers understand their ads are on premium only distribution. Mobile is a new line of business for Adblade and is growing fast. With our proprietary "Click Assurance" process we have eliminated most of the mistaken clicks that currently plague mobile advertising. Article Marketing is a unique format where the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on a link within their article. AdCast is a large format patented Rich Media Application that is typically reserved for large budget brand campaigns that need to make a very large splash.
  5. How do you decide who is accepted as a publisher?
    Adblade makes the quality of its publisher network a top priority.  We only work with premium publishers- those having major brands nationally or in major markets. So unless your site has at least 500k monthly unique users, and a great brand, it's unlikely that Adblade can work with you.  The unsurpassed quality of our publishers is one of the reasons that Adblade is able to provide industry-leading performance to our advertisers. 
  6. The Newsbullet format seems to be everywhere these days. Who started this trend?
    We like to think we started the trend. It's an Adblade Copyrighted Ad Unit. Of course what happens on the internet is that anything that is successful is immediately copied. I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery!
  7. What's next for Adblade?
    We are continuing to grow at a very rapid pace, work with larger brand advertisers and continually testing/developing new products that advertisers and publishers find useful.
  8. If a publisher or an advertiser is interested in working with Adblade, who should they contact?
    Two options. Both advertisers and publishers can sign up for an account on their own through the website. Or send an email to: We respond quickly to all inquiries.